No aerospike.conf file in OSX


Hello, I have recently started with aerospike, and I am trying to add new namespace but I cannot find aerospike.conf. I searched for some solutions but there is no any for mac installation. Path /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf does not exist. Otherwise, everything works fine!

Is it possible at all to change/add new namespace on OSX?



Aerospike server doesn’t run on OSX, have to run it through a guest VM. Assuming this is the way you are running aerospike then you will need to modify the aerospike.conf within the VM.


Also see Connecting to server when running vagrant on macOS


Thank you all for your comments! Anyway, I will use linux machine for deployment but some of the testing is done on OSX machine so that is why I need this to work. This is great link @pgupta, it helped! Cheers!