Not able to access namespace set basis on secondary bins

When I try to apply aql query(SELECT a FROM test.user WHERE a=53) then it shows Error: (201) AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_FOUND but my set have a bin named ‘a’ plzz help me.Thnks

Aerospike is primarily a key-value store. For matching based off the values of specific bins you need to create a secondary index. If you know the key you would just run something like SELECT * FROM test.user WHERE PK = 'foo'.

And how can I define a bin to be secondary index in java Springboot ApI And one more doubt In my set if a bin of name ‘salary’ is present and when i write aql query “Select salary from test.employee;” It shows that bin but when I use Aql query "Select salary from test.employee whrere salary=20; IT shows error “Error: (201) AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_FOUND”. Can you plzz help me here. Thanks.

To create an index from the Java API, you would issue the sindex-create command with the info.request API.

You can create the secondary index using AQL too. That might be easier since you should really only have to do it once…

can you suggest how i can implement asynchronous query on aeroskipe using java springboot

Can you help me how can i apply Asynchronous query on aeroskipe in Java as I am finding only write and read Asynchronous query only in documentation but i want to apply Asynchronous query with filters example:

I my namespace bins secondary bins are(VID,FromTime,ToTime) Now i want to apply Asynchronous query like:

“Select * from test.set where VID=ID and FromTime>t1 and Totime < t2”.

Plzzzz help me

I am trying to implement asynchronous write using client.put() method But it gives NULLPOINTERException error and when i use Synchronously then it works perfectly. Plzz help My code is:

public void insert(itenary user) { WritePolicy policy = new WritePolicy(); WriteListener listener=new WriteListener() { @Override public void onSuccess(Key key) { System.out.println(“SUCCESSFULLY WRITTEN”); }

        public void onFailure(AerospikeException e) {


    Integer k=user.getId();
    Key key = new Key("test", "itenary2", user.getId());
    Bin bin4 = new Bin("id", user.getId());
    Bin bin1 = new Bin("fromtime", user.getFromtime());
    Bin bin2 = new Bin("totime", user.getTotime());
    Bin bin3 = new Bin("mode", user.getMode());
    ClientPolicy clientPolicy = new ClientPolicy();
    AerospikeClient client = new AerospikeClient(clientPolicy, "", 3000);
    EventPolicy eventPolicy = new EventPolicy();
   EventLoops eventLoops = new NioEventLoops(eventPolicy, 100);
  EventLoop eventLoop =;