Nov 14 Virtual Workshop: How to do even more with your Aerospike Database

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No marketing fluff, just database stuff. This 60 minute virtual workshop will cover some of the latest Aerospike developments from version 4.0 on. Tim Faulkes, Director of Solution Architects, will step through use case architectures, including:

  • Strong consistency mode
  • All flash storage engine
  • Real-time analysis framework
  • Enterprise Connect for Kafka NEW

Tim will also talk about why we released these features and some of the trends we are seeing, including:

  • Populating edge-based systems without writing large amounts of code (efficiently calling upon colder data)
  • Improving analytical accuracy by combining streaming data with transactional data
  • Leveraging Spark capabilities
  • How a large number of objects should be best managed
  • Managing back-end system data spanning 100’s of TBs with Aerospike

Register here:

Will there be another session or a recording?

Yes, I will post the recording link here as well. If you register and can’t attend, you’ll also get the recording link via email.

Great, thank you!

Here is the link to the recording -

Enjoy and please email us with any questions at

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