On-Demand Webinar: "Comparing NoSQL Databases for Real-time Bidding" (April 2015)

Watch this webinar to hear Sergey Zhemzhitsky, CTO of CleverDATA (a division of LANIT, a leading system integrator in Russia) share how his team developed their in-house tech stack - which includes Hadoop, NoSQL, and a variety of Data Mining and Big Data Analytics tools.

Learn about:

  • Architecture of the CleverDATA Platform including DMP capabilities
  • Results of evaluations and performance testing on Aerospike, MongoDB, and Redis
  • Critical requirements for operating DSP, SSP and DMP for high performance, low-latency scaling
  • Do’s and Don’ts of applying this design pattern to your real-time application

About the Speaker:

Sergey Zhemzhitsky started in IT sphere 10 years ago as a developer and rose through the ranks to joined CleverDATA in 2014 as Chief Technical Officer.

Discuss & Compare

Feel free to create a conversation about the main points, methodologies, and results of this webinar. Did you find similar results in your own testing? What were your own considerations for NoSQL database comparison and selection? Please use this thread to discuss the salient points of the webinar, and carry the conversation to the next level.