Open LUA_PATH<packageName>.lua no such file or directory


When trying to run <myClient>.QueryAggregate(nil, stmt, <packageName>, <packageFunction>, <myArgs>)

I get open LUA_PATH<packageName>.lua: no such file or directory

I believe that I saw a reference that I now can’t find in the documentation about the lua script needing to be present on the client-side of the app that performs the query.

Where would this location be for the Go client? I don’t see anything in the documentation that says this specifically, but this isn’t working and I don’t see any options to set a local directory for lua in the client’s policy.

In the client.go source code on line 1004, I can see where it attempts to execute the script from a local path, but I’ve never used Lua before, and I don’t have a LUA_PATH set. Do I need to set this env var for the user that runs my app?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Solved: Was missing this key piece of the puzzle: <myClient>.SetLuaPath(<path>) it was not mentioned in the docs on the aerospike site, and I mistakenly thought that it set the value cluster-wide like the other UDF functions.