Outage is causing users to see old data (potential data loss)

We had two nodes come up with the same multicast address and they put our production servers into a bad state. It took us a while to track down what was causing this issue and the logs said to run this and we did.

Jul 21 2015 20:07:51 GMT: INFO (paxos): (paxos.c::2412) CLUSTER INTEGRITY FAULT. [Phase 1 of 2] To fix, issue this command across all nodes: dun:nodes=bb9fc7396171500,bb98ce7ef902500,bb955e9ef902500,bb9327296171500

Now people are seeing old data coming from the database. What could be causing this and how can we put it back to where it was before the outage?



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Can you describe how you recovered from this outage?