Overwrites the wrong bin while updating a list in python-client

I have a set with 4 bins - key, email, reg_user, invite_code.

key - type string
email - type string
reg_user - type list
invite_code - type string. 

When I insert the values for the first time the data is inserted correctly. But when I update only the ‘reg_user’ bin by adding values to the list, the email field gets updated with the key of the record.

This problem occurs in a machine where Aerospike is running on a non-SSD machine with 64 bit Ubuntu and I am using the python client. Python version is 2.7.

This problem does not occur on a SSD machine.

Is there an explanation for this?

Can you open a new ‘issue’ on the GitHub repository for the Python client?

It would help if you can include a code snippet that reliably reproduces what you’re seeing.

Thanks, Ronen

Added issue. Thanks.

Hey, I commented on the GitHub issue, but not sure if you saw. Can you upgrade your client and try again? You’re 15 releases behind right now.

Let me know if that changes things. Thanks, Ronen

Replied and closed the issue. Thanks Ronen