Probably wrong documentation on histograms in log (AER-4080)


    Aug 24 2012 18:02:35 GMT: INFO (info): (hist.c:49) histogram dump: reads (90443310 total)
    In this example, there were 90,443,310 read requests to this node in the ten-second interval. 

This doc conveys that 90,443,310 requests came in the ten-second interval itself. But in actual run, it looks like that these numbers are cumulative, i,e, right from the uptime of server and not in that 10 second interval. Can someone confirm please ?


the histogram numbers are cumulative, counted from the time node was started.

asloglatency tool parses this data and reports the transactions for specific duration.



A JIRA has been filed to follow up on this task to update our documentation; it’s AER-4080 for your reference.

Thanks for noticing this and lettings us know!



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