Ram used by connections


In our clusters, we are using GCE Hymem 8 machines, with local-SSDs and 30GB of RAM.

Aerospike nodes are each configured to use 25GB of RAM, about 75% of the RAM.

I wonder if connections on Aerospike are managed in Aerospike RAM (25GB) or in Linux RAM (5GB left) ?

Do we have any estimation of used RAM per connection ? What about if there are too much connections, will my system not be accessible anymore by ssh for example ?



Hi Emmanuel, thank you for posting your query.

Connections on Aerospike are managed by Linux RAM and not Aerospike RAM. Aerospike RAM is only for Index & Data, nothing else. In case of too many connections, since you are using the Linux RAM I assume yes, you might end up in a situation where your system may not be accessible through SSH. Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot.