Reading the old record



I have tis peculiar situation where, my read returns an old record that has been modified many times in the past few days.

In Detail:

First writing a record with the following WritePolicy settings:

wPolicy.recordExistsAction = RecordExistsAction.REPLACE;
wPolicy.commitLevel = CommitLevel.COMMIT_ALL;
wPolicy.consistencyLevel = ConsistencyLevel.CONSISTENCY_ALL;
wPolicy.expiration = Configuration.LifeTime;

Then querying the same record with:

  QueryPolicy qPolicy = new QueryPolicy();
  qPolicy.consistencyLevel = ConsistencyLevel.CONSISTENCY_ALL;
  qPolicy.maxRetries = 5;

If queried immediately after the write the latest record is got back, but if the same record is read after a few hours an old value of the record is returned which has been written a few days before.

Please provide some insights into this scenario

Thanks & Regards