Real-time record changefeeds (AER-5960)

Something I miss with Aerospike is the ability for my application to receive notifications about created, deleted or changed records from the database. Seeing that real-time applications are becoming more and more common, I think it would be very fitting to see Aerospike add such a feature to the database. Redis already have such a feature called Redis Keyspace Notifications, and there are other NoSQL databases such as RethinkDB that has such features.

The current way you’d have to implement real-time functionality into your scaled application that uses Aerospike is to have an additional message bus that you publish changes to, which the other application workers subscribes to which in turn proxy those changes to their users (e.g over WebSockets) or use polling, which is unefficient.

Would this be something you would be interesting in looking into?

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@svenskunganka - this has been implemented in Aerospike Please contact us to review documentation regarding notification, or check our website.

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