Records returned by aerospike_query_async API have their list and map bins in bytes form

I am using Aerospike C client 4.1.5 and Aerospike Server 3.7.4. While performing secondary index lookup with aerospike_query_async, MAP and List bins of record are coming as Bytes. Looks like deserialisation is not getting called.

Can you first validate that the bin is indeed stored as a Map in the database?

There are multiple ways this can be done -

  • Use aql in aerospike-tools version 3.8.3 or later, see if the keyword ‘Map’ is in front of the bin value.
aql> select * from test.testset
| a       | b                                          |
| "abc11" | MAP('{"items":300, "of":200, "map":100}')  |
  • Do a backup and see if the bin value has a ‘- M’ in front
  • M b 32 g6MDb2bMyKYDaXRlbXPNASykA21hcGQ=

I found the mistake. It was related to wrong initialisation of query policy, which was leading to deserialise field set to false. Thanks.