Reg udf by aql not worked on part nodes


I have use Aerospike for about two years, the version is community
Recently,I updated a existed udf module by aql on one of the nodes,and the udf files are modified on all of the nodes( both the *.lua and the UDF.smd are modified ),But it seems that the updated logic was only effected on part of nodes.(In the update,I return some extend fields when response,but most of the response dose not contains the extend fields). So, help!!! thanks~

It seems that some lua caches which are using when the udf updated are not updated So,I execute the udf-clear-cache cmd at the test cluster,it workds,but the performence became very bad. It means that I can not use the udf-clear-cache cmd at the online cluster.

Check out version 6.4 that has improvements in that area, specifically:

AER-6636 (UDF) Improved Lua cache management so that a module can be re-registered while in use.

There must have been other improvements since 4.9 and I would hope/assume those are for CE as well as EE.