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I am comparing Community and enterprise edition here, It says Enterprise edition has Strong Consistency. Does community edition also provides Strong Consistency??

Strong-consistency is Enterprise only.

So, How does it work in Community Edition ?

@kporter is it eventual consistency in Community edition? Also how is it different from enterprise edition considering Performance?

AP mode, for both Enterprise and Community, remains unchanged in the consistency it provides. In the presence of a network partition (i.e. split brain), reads may be stale/dirty, and updates may be lost. Enterprise provides additional features, such as Rapid Rebalance and Fast Restart, which, for AP, minimize the time where violating transactions may occur. In the absence of network partitions, i.e. normal operations; AP remains consistent in the presence of node failures/restarts where the sub_cluster_size remains at least ‘(cluster_size - replication-factor) + 1’. ‘Strong Consistency’ is relevant when stronger guarantees are required such as not losing writes during network partitions and being able to choose between ‘sequential’ (i.e. ‘session consistent’) or ‘linearizable’ reads.

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Thanks @kporter

Missed the second part of your question!

The performance of CP’s ‘sequential read’ consistency with replication-factor 2 is indistinguishable from AP. There may be a minor penalty when using larger replication-factors when compared to AP at the same setting.

The performance of CP’s ‘linearizable read’ consistency was roughly half of ‘sequential read’ performance.

Our blog briefly discusses our benchmarks comparing SC’s and AP’s consistency modes in Aerospike 4.0, Strong Consistency, and Jepsen.

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