Relationship between number/size of bins for each record


Looks like single-bin config would allow for better optimization. I’d like to know a bit more on this.

Basically, we have the choices to partition our record into single bin (with a blob) or two-bin.

However, since we have use cases that would update one of the bins in a record. I’m imagining multiple bins may favor this type of update.

On the other hand, Although our overall record size wouldn’t be too large (<512Byte), will multiple-bin approach involve multiple malloc in memory (and disk when persisting) and hence impacting the performance?

What would Aerospike recommend?

thanks, James

The main advantage when using single bin is that for each write the server knows you are sending all of the bins so it does not need to read the existing record from disk to get the bins you many not have sent, which saves IO to disk.

You can achieve similar results with multibin by using the REPLACE RecordExistsAction of the WritePolicy.