Repetitive warning "...handle insert: binless pickle, dropping..." when upgrading

Repetitive warnings “… handle insert: binless pickle, dropping …” when upgrading over 3.7.2.

Problem Description

After upgrading a node from Aerospike Server version 3.7.1 or earlier to Aerospike Server version 3.7.2 or newer, the Aerospike logs may contain the following repetitive warning:

Jun 21 2019 07:11:20 GMT: WARNING (migrate): (migrate.c:1745) handle insert: binless pickle, dropping <Digest>:0x2b2c08f859bd4eb401982e038a2acbbf3c63b742


This WARNING message is caused by records in which all the bins have been removed (binless records). Such records should have been fully removed since removing the last bin in a record will delete the record itself. There have been some edge cases in older versions where such binless records would be left over. The WARNING message indicates that those records are being removed as part of the migration process.

The following related bug was addressed in Aerospike Server version 3.7.2:

[AER-4722] - (Clustering/Migrations) Migrations may never complete in some cases (due to missing ack when receiving records with no bins).


Continue upgrading all nodes to Aerospike Server version 3.7.2 or newer.


Follow the Aerospike Upgrade Server instructions.




June 21 2019