[Rest Client] Aerospike Rest Client

Hi, I was exploring rest client API documentations to check my one of user case is to

  1. Delete the records using secondary index
  2. Fetch the records using Secondary index.

But I did not find clear documentation to achieve this.


Can somebody help here?

If I understand that you are trying to do something like: select all records where record[bin] == age,

the REST Client does not currently have support for the Query and Scan methods, so that operation is not currently possible.

Yes, I would like to know whether it is possible to delete the records using column which is secondary index in Aerospike.

Using primary key, I can do this where key is primary key.

I have use case where i have set secondary key also one of columns and I would like to delete the records using that Key. Same as like above

@Albot @rmarks @kporter^^

That is not currently possible with the REST client.

I believe the only way to achieve this, currently from any client, is to use a Background UDF.