Ruby Client Release 1.0.11 (December 4, 2015)


Version 1.0.11 of the Aerospike Ruby client was released on December 4, 2015 and is available for download here. This major release contains a number of improvements and fixes.


  • Support for double precision floating point data type in record bins. Requires server version 3.6.0 or later. [CLIENT-599]
  • Support for geospatial data in record bins using GeoJSON format; support for querying geospatial indexes using points-within-region and region-contains-point filters. Requires server version 3.7.0 or later. [CLIENT-594]
  • Tend interval is now configurable via the client policy. Default is 1 second as before.
  • Only logs tend messages when the number of cluster nodes have changed.
  • Scan and Query termination has been fixed.


  • Fix ClientPolicy to actually accept fail_if_not_connected parameter from constructor opts. PR #29, thanks to Nick Recobra
  • Fix record initialization issue. PR #28, thanks to jzhua
  • Consume the rest of the stream when scan/query is finished.