Run asbackup from each cluster node

I’m thinking about what’s the best way to setup daily backups for our Aerospike cluster. Mainly deciding between running asbackup on the cluster nodes itself or a separate backup node.

Let’s say we have a 10 node cluster. Each of those nodes will have a daily cron job to run asbackup with --node-list option with only it’s IP. The backup files are stored in a directory in attached EBS, and once asbackup is done, the files are uploaded to S3.


  • Save on bandwidth and instance cost by running backup on node itself instead of separate backup node
  • Faster backup vs running backup on separate backup node
  • Easier setup


  • Performance of cluster may be degraded during backup

That seems like a sound plan. The performance of the cluster may not necessarily be degraded and not necessarily more than when doing this from a single node.

You could also throttle asbackup while running this on all nodes if you find it takes too much resources.

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