Save data after TTL expires



Hi Team,

How can I save/move data once TTL expires? I have read that data is deleted once TTL expires and cannot be retrieved as that is the functionality. Agreed with that But is there a way with which we can save or move the data to involatile memory? e.g If in case, another application is not able to read within 60 seconds due to Network latency or any other reason, then is there a way we can save data?

Thank You in advance


Presently there isn’t a way to move data on expiration/eviction.


Ok. Thanks for reply.


Is there a way we can get notification before the TTL is about to expire? That ways, we’ll be able to move Data to our DB through code say in C or Java.


You could do a scan with a predicate filter searching for only records that would expire within the [next period of time]. For records that aren’t nearing expiration, only the in memory meta data will be read so these scans should be quick.