Scan same Record with same PK from different Node. Duplication Dirty Record

Hi, all.

I’m using Aerospike

Cluster is composed of 22 nodes.

Every day i need to scan all node separately. and write all Record into separately file.

From one day, i found there were two same key in two files( means two nodes, just think node A and B ). And when I use the aql to query only get one value( always meaning get the result from one fixed node, just think get from Node A ), and when i update the record, only the record in Node A will be updated( can see the different from scan file of next day ), and record with same key in Node B cannot be access, cannot query, cannot update, cannot deleted like a dirty record.

I think this case is happened during data migration, but i am not sure about this.

I want to delete the record in Node B.

However, I cannot access this record in Node B.


Having difficulty following your description. That said, is very old with many known issues, it is also no longer a supported version. I suggest that an upgrade may fix your issue. If you have Enterprise support, open a case with them to help you along. If you are using community, I don’t think many will be willing to invest time investigating such an old build since it is unlikely to be mutually beneficial.

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