Searching for potential Aerospike use cases

Hi everybody I’m gonna try to make it short: I truely believe that the Aerospike technology is a gift that enables single individuals or small teams to pull projects that used to require big investments due to IOPS or data volume needs.

I’d interested in your opinions, in which areas Aerospike could make a real difference, besides from the ad tech usage it see’s nowadays? No matter if it’s a clear business use case or non-profit project.

There’s tons of public data out there, bandwidth and flash are really affordable nowadays.

Nobody passionate around?

Hi Mas, Here is the list of verticals:

  • Financial Services and FinTech
  • e-Commerce and Retail / CPG
  • Telco
  • Ad Tech
  • On-line Gaming and Gambling

You can find more info on the Aerospike website under Solutions.



Hi @George_C Thanks for your input. The industries you name are certainly good candidates for AS (and in fact AS seems to already have a good standing in those markets). However I feel like you’d need to have an existing business there and I just notice that I didn’t explain that I think AS is good to also start completly new projects and have a huge advantage through the AS technology and the affordable prices for SSDs nowadays.

To give this topic the intended direction: What if you’d want to start something new? Where do you think AS can give you huge advantages?

My thoughts have developed over the past month that likely as an Individual you could achieve the most in areas where you’d crawl the web for some data and then create value from it. Think of like a price comparision site, a service gathering meta infos on sites (feature detection, etc.), reverse image searches etc. All those things might be achievable for a single, highly motivated individual, you don’t really need a 10 person team to get started there. Basically a hobbyist might end up achieving something (don’t want to say that would be easy)

What I currently think yields the best chances of achieving something is to try and create value from identifying rich media assets through hashes & potentially machine learning / pbject recognition. Big players like Google have shown whats possible with e.g. Google Photos, why not use the technology around today and apply it to other fields/use cases?

I still hope maybe we could have a good discussion here where everybody can take something from.