Secondary Index Case Sensitive



I’m recently migrating our user data from MySQL to Aerospike, the user data contains username, email and other fields for login.

Now I get caught up in an index issue, I have to login with username in exactly case.

For example, I registered with username “Fishdrowned”, then I fail to login with “fishdrowned”

This make it unfriendly to the end user.

I’ve googled it and didn’t find any words about if Aerospike supports case-insensitive index or not.

Is it (case-insensitive index) supported in Aerospike, or is there any plan to support it in the future?


Aerospike secondary index does not support case processing. Case insensitivity can be taken care of by the application on insert and look up.


Yeah sure, application can do this, but it’s stupid.

Imagine that you need to add a new index to a set which already have millions or even billions records.