Secondary index corruption and newly created indexes not readable

We modified the default-ttl, set it to 0 for one the namespaces and restarted the cluster one node at at time. Its a 6 node cluster. The data size on each node is about 400GB and rebuilding the secondary indexes take anywhere between 2-3 days. Everything was smooth for first 4 nodes. When we restarted the 5th node something went wrong that seems to have corrupted the existing secondary indexes as none of these return any results and return an error code { code: 201, message: ‘AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_FOUND’, func: ‘as_query_parse_records’, file: ‘src/main/aerospike/aerospike_query.c’, line: 335 } and newly created indexes return { code: 203, message: ‘AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_READABLE’, func: ‘as_query_parse_records’, file: ‘src/main/aerospike/aerospike_query.c’, line: 335 } - We are using Nodejs library to access data in Aerospike. Any help is much appreciated.

Dropped and recreated smaller indexes but these are not readable either.

If no secondary index was created on the specified query object, an AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_FOUND error returns.

If an index creation was initiated but did not complete and then a query executes, an AEROSPIKE_ERR_INDEX_NOT_READABLE error returns.

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