Secondary Indices limitations

Hello i want to ask about Secondary index limitations:

  1. Maximum 256 secondary indexes per namespace

  2. Can we create index for 2 fields?

  3. If document has complicated structure like {id:1, subarray:[{title:hello,description:world}, {title:hello2,description:world2}] - can we create secondary index on field “title” in subarray?

  1. Yes !! max 256 secondary indexes per namespace
  2. Yes you can create as many secondary indexes on as many bins … with above limitation
  3. Not today !! This is work in progress. Should show up some time soon.

– R

Hi Raj, when can we expect secondary index limit increase. I have to make decision for our ad serving platform where we are saving lot of user’s behavior and each behavior is on bins. 256 is not sufficient. Ideally it should be same as number of bins limit