Seeing client sending RST packet after receiving Syn,Ack

We are using community edition and Java Client 4.4.1.

We have set the timeout in ClientPolicy to 10000ms. But I see that the machine is sendingRST packet if the SYN,ACK is delayed upto 1 sec. This is causing the Server to flood with Syn & RST packets.

Attaching one of the streams from WireShark as captured from the client Machine

Which timeout value are you setting? The socketTimeout or totalTimeout?

In that case, total (default unlimited) or socket (default 30s), either way, socketTimeout will get set to 10 sec. This may have nothing to do with Aerospike. Explore some ideas here: networking - What causes a TCP/IP reset (RST) flag to be sent? - Stack Overflow

If someone finds themselves here. There is a bug in the Java Sync client at-least in V4.4.1

On this line the connection timeout is being sent as totalTimeout and if you have strict totalTimeout, the client will RST b/w the handshake, causing the Cloud based VMs N/W cards to go haywire.

I patched a local copy of the client by changing timeoutMillis to timeoutDelay and then setting the soTimeout explicitly to timeoutMillis

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