Server does not start (out of memory)

I added an index to existing Aerospike server and while indexing I saw that the server runs out of memory. I stopped the server with /etc/init.d/aerospike stop, then I increased the memory allocation to the index table from 40GB to 50GB and started the server.

Now, the server will not start and the log shoots continuously the following errors: Aug 01 2015 11:58:30 GMT: WARNING (sindex): (ai_btree.c::388) Allocation failure for anbtr Aug 01 2015 11:58:30 GMT: WARNING (sindex): (ai_btree.c::946) Insert into the btree failed

until eventually it dies.

Any idea?


Hi rafiton,

Seems like you are running out of memory on your machine.

Please go through our capacity planning sheet -

If you want to start the server without secondary index, you can manually delete/modify the sindex smd file before starting the server.

The default location of this file is - /opt/aerospike/smd/*

Thanks. Not sure if it was indeed a memory issue but I restored the data.

Thanks Rafi

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