Slow to initial secondary indexes in cold restart

I use Aerospike 3.9.0 community version.

I have 154 secondary indexes. And the records number in test namespaces is not so many. please check following info, is it normal behavior to take more than 1 hour to load all the secondary index?

May 03 2017 07:36:26 GMT: INFO (sindex): (secondary_index.c:4872) Sindex-ticker: ns=test si=<all> obj-scanned=500000 si-mem-used=3185903 progress = 4% est-time=4315578 ms

Aerospike config is as following

    namespace test {
            replication-factor 2
            memory-size 4G
            default-ttl 0 # 30 days, use 0 to never expire/evict.
            storage-engine device {
                    file /opt/aerospike/data/test.dat
                    filesize 16G
                    data-in-memory false # Store data in memory in addition to file.

It takes about 3 hours to rebuild my 70 indexes. They’re not cheap, or fast, when it comes to recreating them. Probably limited by your storage if its that low of a dataset.

okie, so it is an expected behavior. Thanks

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