Spring Data Aerospike - Multisite strong consistency - Read from local replica

Hi All,

We are running 9 nodes aerospike cluster (3 nodes in each site - total 3 sites with rack-id 1,2 and 3 in strong consistency mode). Currently the reads (1 record or multiple records) response time is inconsistent (in some cases it’s fast - approx 30ms and in most of the cases - its more than 80ms).

As we are using spring data for aerospike, please advise how to enable Policy.replica to the PREFER_RACK or locally available data for reads, assuming this will reduce the read response time significantly.

Secondary indexes are created but it’s not adding any value so far.

Storage type is SSD.

Thanks Shubham

I have not played with Spring Data part - but for SC mode / here is an example of using preferred rack reads. See if it helps.

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Thanks @pgupta , please advise if detailed documentation available for springdata aerospike.

Please try: Spring Data Aerospike - Documentation