Spring Data Aerospike Release 3.2.0 (September 28, 2021)

Spring Data Aerospike version 3.2.0 was released on September 28, 2021.

Breaking Changes

Filter expressions (#284) are replacing the old deprecated Predicate Expressions, filter expressions are supported since Aerospike Server 5.2+ if you intend to upgrade to the new Spring Data Aerospike 3.2.0 please make sure you are using Aerospike Server version 5.2 or higher (also listed in the README compatibility table).



  • Improving documentation and arguments names. @roimenashe (#292)
  • Remove AerospikeReactorClient deprecated constructor usages. @roimenashe (#288)
  • Add Caching article to the README Getting Started blog post section. @roimenashe (#282)


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