Ticker.c:271 heartbeat-received logline inconsistency

It appears that ticker.c:271 produces a log line with the string heartbeat-received where it should be producing heartbeat_received to be consistent with other similar log lines.

I’m only seeing dashes used in ticker.c to delimit words in key phrases. What log line is it inconsistent with?

I am seeing heartbeat_received from thr_info.c:4828

A brief search on github shows it may be coming from https://github.com/aerospike/aerospike-server/blob/66fd9a505d5034d088f260dea121dabddd06677e/as/src/base/thr_info.c#L272-L273

I should have asked, which version are you running?

This is function is only called when the user sends a statistics request to the server. In the logs all key phrases are word delimited with dashes “-” though there are still some outliers, that is the direction log output is moving. Much of this transition happened recently in 3.9.0.

As for statistics and configuration requests, names with underscores “_” indicate statistics and names with dashes “-” indicate configuration.

We’re currently in the progress of upgrading from 3.8.4 to

It would be greatly appreciated if the aerospike logs were more machine readable. An option to log JSON would be terrific.

The histogram data is particularly difficult to parse into a useful format.

Yes this would a nice feature. The tickers all follow the new format so they are a bit easier to parse now, but the histograms remain basically the same so your parser will have to be aware when it is in a histogram context.

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