Udf execution timeout observed

I am using Aerospike Community Edition build 3.5.14. I have a simple enqueue UDF for using normal list data structure as queue. Enqueue UDF appends one entry at the end of the list. What I am observing is as list size starts growing udf execution time starts increasing. I ran multiple experiments and I suspect that real culprit is record loading for the udf. In the extreme case I have seen “udf execution timeout” warning log in aerospike server log.

Is this expected behavior? Any suggestion for alleviating this problem?

Queue size is in ten’s of thousands and I am using in-memory storage.

This is a known sub-optimal performance issue associated with long lists in the system that we are actively trying to address.

A possible workaround for the mean time is breaking the list shorter and save into different bins, or different records.

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