Unable to Drop Index in Aerospike Community Edition (Version

I’m currently facing an issue with dropping an index in Aerospike Community Edition (version Despite successfully creating indexes using the CREATE INDEX command, I encounter a “Namespace Not Found” error when trying to drop an index using the DROP INDEX command.


  • Aerospike Version:
  • Namespace: test
  • Set: newtable1
  • Index Name: age_index


  1. Successfully created the index:

CREATE INDEX age_index ON test.newtable1 (aam) NUMERIC

  • Encountering an error when trying to drop the index:

DROP INDEX age_index ON test.newtable1

Error Message:

Error: (4) Namespace Not Found from

Additional Information:

  • I have verified the existence of the namespace and set using the SHOW SETS command.
  • The SHOW INDEXES command lists the index correctly.

I have checked the Aerospike documentation and attempted various troubleshooting steps without success. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


DROP INDEX test.newtable1 age_index

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The suggested command to drop the index worked perfectly, and I can confirm that the issue has been resolved.

DROP INDEX test.newtable1 age_index

Thank you for your expertise and support.

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