Unable to find active node in AMC "Nodes"

I have started a cluster with three nodes and have written the appropriate VagrantFile and the aerospace.config files for the three nodes. However, the AMC is not showing the third node.

Three nodes are running as per the arrows on the right; but they dont display in the Nodes section.

Try adding them to the url. Or restast AMC. AMC is kinda shoddy…

I tried adding them with the GUI option but AMC crashes immediately. I also tried implementing in the URL likewise http://localhost:8081/#dashboard/localhost:3000/30/,, but no help.

Configurations: MacOS, Vagrant 1.9.5, Aerospike Community Edition build 3.12.1

Which version of amc? Anything in the and log?

Var log amc

the log files do not have any errors. ssh-ing the vagrant boxes individually helped me.

  • Restarting the AMC service worked for me.

  • Check /var/log/amc/amc.log grep for “refresh failed” and check whether the communication between your nodes is taking place or not. You can figure out error by looking into the log files.

  • Check this link http://www.aerospike.com/docs/amc/install/linux/el6 it may help you in resolving it.

You can check your error logs of AMC at /var/log/amc/error.log if any generated.

The amc error log states failed to establish with error: dial tcp: too many colons in address ::1:3000; 33:33:33:95:3000 failed to establish with error: dial tcp 33:33:33:95:3000: i/o timeout; failed to establish with error: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused;

I have also upgraded the amc to 4.0.12.

AMC errors are being displayed in the /var/log/amc/amc.log instead of the /var/log/amc/error.log

Ah, so this may be an IPV6 issue. I had similar issues. Instead of opening AMC and targeting “localhost”, try targeting the full IP address of the server which AMC is installed on. You could also try

@Albot I got the same issue it worked for me when I gave full IP address of the server.

nice! I have submitted a request to have Aerospike prefer ipv4 when possible. Not sure if it’ll be done, but the workaround is fairly easy. Alternatively you could change your hosts file…

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