Unable to update LUT of an already existing record

I have a job that inserts all records into aerospike, with RecordExistsAction set to update. I was expecting new records inserted with current LUT and old records updated and reset the LUT to current. However, when I run this on same set of records, all the records should get updated with current LUT. I have a further action to delete records where LUT is less than current - 1 min. For my test use case where I am running this on same seton records, there should be nothing to delete. However, all the records get re-inserted and all old records get deleted. Which means, when the record is updated, it is not updating the LUT. Do I need to do something specific for this to work?


final val WRITE_POLICY = { val wp = new WritePolicy() wp.recordExistsAction = RecordExistsAction.UPDATE wp.commitLevel = CommitLevel.COMMIT_MASTER wp.sendKey = true wp }

val storeClient = new AerospikeClient(host, port)

rows.foreach { row =>

storeClient.put( WRITE_POLICY, new Key(NAMESPACE, SET_NAME, row.id), new Bin(SET_NAME, row.toByteArray) ) storeClient.close()

// delete older records val latestTimestamp = DateTime.now(). minusMinutes(1).getMillis * 1000000L

val policy = new QueryPolicy() policy.filterExp = Exp.build(Exp.lt(Exp.lastUpdate(), Exp.val(latestTimestamp)))

val rs = storeClient.query(policy, statement)

while (rs.next()) { var key = rs.getKey storeClient.delete(WRITE_POLICY, new Key(key.namespace, key.setName, key.userKey)) } rs.close()

That would be very peculiar indeed… The LUT should always be set to the time when the record is updated (or created if just created). How are you observing the behavior you describe where records are getting re-inserted and all old records get deleted? I am certain the LUT would be updated when the records are updated, so something else may be going on, maybe on the filter to select what to delete?

Thank you Meher, It was my test data. It was generating new records every time. My bad. It is working as expected.

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