Unexpected shutdown of Aerospike Service with no error logs

We are currently using aerospike community edition deployed on AWS.

We have previously configured the server to use r3.large (16GB memory). However, recently we downgraded the instance to use m3.medium (4GB) to save cost.

This is when we started encountering the issue where the aerospike service suddenly stops running.

Based from cloud watch (AWS) instance didn’t fail and resources didn’t reach critical levels (only reached up to 60% memory utilization) Also, we checked aerospike logs for errors and we found nothing. Same with system logs and aerospike didn’t report any error.

We’ve configured our aerospike service to use 3GB (previously 8GB) of memory also during the downgrade.

What could have possibly caused this issue? we’ve encountered it at least three times now.

Thanks for your help!