Unsuccesful reads / Difference between Total & Successful Reads TPS


I’d like to know if anyone knows common causes for the difference between the total reads & the successful reads or if it’s normal behavior that not all reads are successful.

We have a huge difference between those two (screenshot): 2014-12-26_1603

If it’s not expected behavior, how can we check what exactly can’t be read as we can’t seem to find anything about that in the documentation.

Best regards, David

Depends on how many “Not Founds” are expected in your read operations. Not founds are not counted as “Successful Reads”.

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Thanks for your answer but unfortunately it doesn’t help me much. It is definitely not expected from our side. So is there a way to find out in which namespace those read errors are taking place and which keys it actually tried to find but couldn’t? That would be very helpful to know.

Best regards, David

That would need to be determined from the application side. When an error occurs log the key and the type of error.