Verify restored data

Hi I’m trying to test backup and restore.

I’m testing by running benchmark tool to load the data in namespace then run backup on the namespace and restore the namespace from the backup file.

My question is how we verify the restored data? i want to check if i can access/read the restore data.

You could try to run your app, or you could go into aql and try a select statement. You could also check to see the number of objects before/after… Exactly what kind of verification are you looking for?

since the data is generated from benchmark tool. i can only compare the number of records before backup and after restore.

I just want run the select query on backup and restored data to make sure data is restored properly.

May be you can write a python script to generate a deterministic set of records. Look at AS101 student-workbook python code where 10K test users are generated - command 11. You could adapt that code and write a simple loop of known bins and known large number of records and test. (Run the solution code of AS101 python and just modify command 11 code to what you need.)

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The backup tools tell you if the data is backed up and restored properly. If you want a more thorough way to verify this, you’ll need to do it yourself…