What are the steps to remove namespace permanently



What are the steps to remove namespace permanently ?


Presently requires a cluster restart.


here are the steps that i have followed,

1.Stop the Aerospike service. 2. remove the all sets one by one using set-delete command. 3. Remove data file. 4. Start the Aerospike service.

But still i can see deleted sets in namespace (Aql> show sets) please list the steps to remove namespace with data.

thank you

  1. How many nodes do you have in the cluster, and what is your replication factor?
  2. How did you remove the sets after stopping the Aerospike service?


Actually first step was 1. Stop writing & 4. Restart the cluster

I have 4 nodes & RF -2


Please refer the following:

Remove Namespace: Removing Namespace

If you have data on disk that does not belong to a set, then you also need to delete them. See:



Thank you very much.