What is the maximum size of record stored in inmemory namespace?

HI, i want to use list as value for in-memory namespace. In the following link http://www.aerospike.com/docs/guide/limitations.html they are told about maximum record value size is limited to write-block-size. But this configuration variable is located under “storage-engine device” section. So it will applicable for all device based databases, but what about the in-memory database? what is the limit for in-memory configured database record value size?

There currently is no limit on the size of records in in-memory storage, but it may change. Just be aware that getting a single very large record is inefficient, as it will be filling up the network buffers. It would be more performant to chop it up into several smaller records and using a batch-read to fetch the data.

Hi Botzer, thanks for the replay. It is helpful to clarify my doubt. Regarding performance, i need your suggestion. Actually my usecase is storing time series data by using hhmmss timestamp as key and all records receieved at that time are stored into list. Each record may have 9kb size, so could you please suggest me what is the upper limit(number of records in list) i can use for better performance ?

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