Why replica count might appear to drop suddenly during migrations

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This behavior is not expected for server versions 3.13 and above that are on the new clustering protocol (paxos-protocol v5) which enhances the clustering algorithm by not dropping the replica partitions until it is synchronized.

Why replica record count might appear to drop suddenly during migrations

Issue: During migration replica record count appears to change when node is viewed via:

asadm -e info


When nodes are migrating partitions, the replica record count drops, sometimes severely, an extreme example is shown below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Namespace Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Node    Namespace   Avail%   Evictions    Master    Replica     Repl     Stop    Migrates       Disk    Disk     HWM          Mem     Mem    HWM      Stop   
           .            .        .           .   Objects    Objects   Factor   Writes     (tx,rx)       Used   Used%   Disk%         Used   Used%   Mem%   Writes%   
aero-10:3000   persistent       32   206131141   1.754 G    0.000          2   false    (N/E,N/E)   1.841 TB      48      75   210.635 GB      61     65        90   
aero-11:3000   persistent       37           0   1.646 G    0.000          2   false    (N/E,N/E)   1.724 TB      45      75   197.253 GB      57     65        90   
aero-12:3000   persistent       35           0   1.821 G    0.000          2   false    (N/E,N/E)   1.767 TB      46      75   202.210 GB      58     65        90   


This is expected behaviour. The objects of desynchronised replica partitions are not counted until they become synchronised. This means that if a partition is not the master or acting master and has an inbound migration, the objects in that partition will not be counted, and so we may see a sharp drop in replica record numbers. This can be particularly obvious when a specific node has a high number of outbound migrations. In that scenario the other nodes in the cluster would have a high number of scheduled inbound migrations and the replica objects would not be counted.

This is normal behaviour. The replica record count per node will stabilise once migrations are completed.

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