Working memory as cache and disk as storage (AER-5944)

Hi, I am new to aerospike and I am building a server with aerospike.

I have a request about disk storage and memory. Below is scenario of new feature.

  1. Store data in disk not memory
  2. But, once a data is accessed(write or read) by client, the data leaves on aerospike memory within the ttl.
  3. So, within the ttl, if client access(write or read) the data, aerospike would response from aerospike memory.
  4. if the data in memory accessed within the ttl, the ttl of the data will be extended.


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Aerospike doesn’t support such feature for read transactions. But recently written (or updated) records are kept in memory (as part of the post-write-queue). Not sure if this helps much, though…

As of you may add a storage context configuration item ‘read-page-cache’ to disable O_DIRECT and O_DSYNC on selected read operations.

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