write_local: failed as_storage_record_close



Warnings emerged on nodes:

Sep 04 2015 15:49:39 GMT: WARNING (drv_ssd): (drv_ssd.c::1841) write: rejecting 605735a942d84414 write size: 131200
Sep 04 2015 15:49:39 GMT: WARNING (rw): (thr_rw.c::4583) {ssd} write_local: failed as_storage_record_close() :0x1444d842a9355760ab352c69fe24fd4966e00502

AE 3.6.0

I suspect that record’s size is too large, am I correct?

Regards, Alexander

Write: rejecting 432c0656878ba25a write size: 381952 - Record size exceeds SSD block size

Yes, it appears this record is likely too big if your namespace is configured to have a 128 K write-block-size, which is often the case for SSD namespaces. 131200 bytes is larger than 128 KiB (131072 bytes).