Acessing `write-q` using python-client

I am trying to monitor the write-q using python client. For this particular task i am using asinfo which is not giving me the infoemation regarding that. what may be the possible options using python client.

Hi @Karan190 welcome to the community!

You can use the info_all operation with the command namespace/<namespace-name> and then parse for the storage-engine.device[ix].write_q statistic.

the code would look like this for a namespace named test:

import aerospike

config = {'hosts': [('', 3000)] }
client = aerospike.client(config).connect()

response = client.info_all('namespace/test')
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Thank you. Now I have one more doubt, I have configured my cluster in community addition, now I want the write_q have some value other than 0, so I am inserting records using python client and as it is not sending bulk data, the write_q is not increasing. How I can send the records for the testing ?

Increasing number of records not working for me. I have to test it for going beyond max-write-cache. could you help me how I can input bulk records to test my cluster @aanderson

The asbench benchmarking tool should be able to help you with that.

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ok. trying to use that. thank you @aanderson

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