Aerospike read write latency metrics for namespace

Hi, I’m looking for read/write latency metrics for each namespace for overall cluster (not node level), using asloglatency i can get the latency for each namespace on each node but is there a way to pull these metrics to have graph for history for each namespace.

You can go into asadm and run show latency to get a response from all nodes - but it wont give you a graph. If you want to graph this data out you’ll need to put it somewhere else. The best way is probably to setup a monitoring system that you can use to graph or use as a data source for a graphing system.

but show latency only gives the latencies for node level. but I’m looking for namespace level latencies for overall cluster

Ah, you’re right. In that case, inside asadm you can run asinfo -v 'latency:' -l. If you want to filter this further you could save the output somewhere and do more processing asadm -e 'asinfo -v "latency:" -l' - like this:

$ asadm -e 'asinfo -v "latency:" -l'|grep -A1 'mynamespace'|head

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