Adding new node in mesh mode


I have 2 node cluster. The config file of both node contains address of both nodes. Now i want to add 2 more node and the 2 new node has address of all 4 (2 old running node in production + 2 new) in config. I started these 2 new nodes and each node (new + old) become aware of all other nodes in cluster. Now my question is : the old/initial 2 nodes still don’t have address of these two new nodes in its config file. will it cause any problem in future ? how the old nodes become aware of new nodes ? should i add new node’s address in old node’s config ?


There shouldn’t be any issue but for sanity purpose, it would be best to add them into the old node as well.

I believe this should answer your question on how nodes become aware of each other. What exactly triggers automatic node adding?

Additional info on clustering: