Should I restart the nodes when adding a new node to the cluster?


I apology if the question seems trivial.

We have a cluster on EC2 so nodes are using mesh to heartbeat one another.

When adding a node to the cluster we modify the aerospike.conf /network/ hearbeat part to add the mesh-seed-address-port of the newly added machine.

Do we need to restart all the nodes after the change?

Thank you

You don’t have to restart all the nodes to add a new node to the cluster.

The mesh-seed-address-port is what the new node will use to contact the cluster. Easiest method is to just enter one of the existing cluster nodes in the config of the new node and start it up, it’ll connect to the cluster and everything will be updated.

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Does the cluster support new nodes with different configuration eg: memory size (if its lesser)?

Yes, performance might be affected based on the slowest node in your cluster though.

There isn’t anything that prevents Aerospike from running in a heterogeneous cluster, but it is expected that the nodes be homogeneous. Data is distributed evenly across the cluster regardless of the capacity of the hardware. If a lesser capacity node runs out of space it will enter stop-writes and the writes directed to this node will fail.

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