Aerospike Announces an Early Adopter Release of the SortedMap Feature (May 25, 2016)

Aerospike is announcing to the Community that it is making available an Early Adopter release of the SortedMap feature.

This will allow you to:

  • Store and retrieve SortedMap data (along with the existing List and Map data structures)
  • Manipulate the SortedMap on the server with the following operations:
    • add(k, [v]), add_items
    • remove(k), remove_items
    • remove_range(min,max)
    • find(k)
    • find_first(count)
    • find_last(count)
    • exists(k)
    • range(min,max)
    • size()
  • Create a Secondary Index on Sorted Maps
  • Query via a Secondary Index on SortedMap entries

Clients supported for the following languages include:

  • Java
  • C / C++
  • Node.js
  • Go

If you want to be included in the Early Adopter program for SortedMap, please drop me an email at

@Alvin_Richards VP of Product

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Nice addition to the already feature rich api set. For sortedMap need we currently use UDF. Based on a “count” field in the Map we sort and take in topN.

I couldn’t see in the api on which field (in the map) the sorting is based on ?

My mistake, I did not include the “get” apis in the list. To be complete these are:

  • getByKey
  • getByKeyRange
  • getByValue
  • getByValueRange
  • getByIndex
  • getByIndexRangeToEnd
  • getByIndexRange
  • getByRank
  • getByRankRangeToEnd
  • getByRankRange

So you would do something like this (in pseudo code) for a leaderboard

insert entries with key="username", value = count
getByRankRange(-10, 10)

Is it planned to have a getKeys() query to fetch only map keys? So we could store data related to a key but also be able to load all keys without loading that data and emulating Set behaviour?

You could emulate Set behavior by storing all keys with some unused value (nil or 0 cost only 1 byte so those are best).

Use return_type of AS_MAP_RETURN_KEY for your ops and you’ll only get back keys. You can get all keys by as_operations_add_map_get_by_index_range_to_end(&ops, bin_name, 0, AS_MAP_RETURN_KEY) or as_operations_add_map_get_by_key_range(&ops, bin_name, &as_nil, NULL, AS_MAP_RETURN_KEY) for example.

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