Hi, I’m new to aerospike and trying few examples.
I am constantly getting below error when trying to use map example here ,

{ [AerospikeError: AEROSPIKE_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID] name: 'AerospikeError', message: 'AEROSPIKE_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID', code: 4, func: 'as_event_command_parse_result', file: 'src/main/aerospike/as_event.c', line: 614 }

My server version:
Node client version: 2.1.0

Please Help! Thanks in advance.


Operations on Sorted Maps are only supported on Aerospike Server v3.8.4 or later. Please upgrade your server installation and let me know if you still have issues running the example.


Hi @Jan, Thanks for a quick reply. I’m just wondering if maps are added in recent version of aerospike. Support to maps was already there right? I looked at this webpage and release notes for v3.8.1 say about secondary indexes on list and maps, suggesting that maps are already there? Am I missing anything here? Please help. Thanks.


You are right, maps and secondary indexes on maps were supported prior to AS v3.8.4. What’s new in the latest release are operations on sorted maps (using the Client#operate method in the Node.js client). This allows you to perform operations such as insert, update or remove map elements on the server. Prior to map operations, you would have had to download the entire map, perform the operations on the client, and write the entire map back to the server.


@Jan ohhh…thank you for this info. is v3.8.4 stable? we are currently running on v3.8.1 in production which is working very fine for us. what do you suggest?


AS v3.8.4 is stable but Sorted Map Operations are currently considered a “Developer Preview” feature, i.e. you would be an early adopter of this feature. If it seems a good fit for your particular use case, I would suggest that you start exploring how to best use it in your application.


@Jan Cool!!! This discussion was indeed very helpful to me. I’ll get in touch if I get any issue in running the example on v3.8.4(provided the team decides to upgrade). Thanks again!