Aerospike Async configuration

Hey, I’m using Aerospike as a KV storage in my app. I have few questions related to Aerospike Async configuration.

1.EventLoop configuration. There is a best practice guidance on how to configure the client? for example: maxCommandsInProcess, How should I know what is the right number to set?

  1. My application is written in Vert.x Java. Aerospike use Netty and for that we need to use eventloop. Since Vertx already handle the event loops within the framework what is the best option to implement it?


  1. If you plan to provide your own throttle for the event loops, then leave maxCommandsInProcess at 0. If you want the client to throttle commands for you, set maxCommandsInProcess to 40. Then, slowly adjust maxCommandsInProcess up/down and measure performance changes. Optimal maxCommandsInProcess will differ depending machine configuration. Same goes for the number of event loops.

  2. Netty event loops can be shared with AerospikeClient, but I don’t know enough about Vert.x to determine if Vert.x allows this as well.

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